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Wipe servers
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Most of the assult rifles are so duplicated you cant find any. The only one you can find is the ak 74u. This is not fair to those of us who dont cheat. After the last update there was no server wipe so all the dupped weapons remained in the game. Example i have played for 2 weeks about 5 hrs a day and not found any teir 4 weapons. Please fix this or you are going to keep loosing players.


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Wipe wich servers? You know how much stuff I have buried in my server and all the hours and days it took to gather all to loose because a wipe. I agree they need to do something about supers and have more guns available but cant they do it another way?

Oh no a wipe is not the answer. the hours i have put into the game like the user above a wipe would annoy me more than the game glitching on me. we dont all need M4s and AKs but use what you have and survive

I agree and I ment to say dupers not supers. I think the game is still in development and far from done.

Definitely do not wipe servers. I have manually walked eight barrels into a hidden location. Nothing duped. Just identify the duped item holders and discipline them, please.