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Disappearing imvenrory items
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I had a USG 45 in my inventory one day. I managed to find mags, ammo, and attachments for it. Just got back on DayZ today to find that it is gone. The ammo, and mags are still there. I picked through my inventory just to make sure it wasn't hiding under other items (i also checked my shoudlers to make sure it was there) I never droped the gun and only had it out once to put on a scope. Then it went back in my inventory. These bugs were understandable at launch but not now. Im tired of looting for hours just to find a gun that vanishes from my inventory. Please fix this issue not only for my sake but for the rest of the community too.


Operating System
Windows 7
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I also had a FX-45 with attachments aswell and when i checked my inventory it was gone (this was a few weeks ago). I've also seen this issue for other players on the console aswell. I may have dropped this one but i did not drop the USG 45

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