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Equipped ‘In Hand’ items not showing!
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Playing with a friend I had a shovel in my characters hands. I simply from my quick menu changed and pulled out a rifle into my hands. Their was some deer so I went to shoot them. I shot a bullet and nothing happened shot multiple bullets but nothing happened (the deer didn’t run away and my ammo was depleting). My friend said “why are you swinging your shovel at them?” For him I still had my shovel equipped instead of my rifle. I logged out and logged back in and the bullets that I shot before were back in my inventory. Meaning when I equip items sometimes they don’t register in game?!


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  • Have a gun equipped in your backpack slot (not in your inventory but equipped to the actual backpack).
  • Save that equipped gun in your ‘quick slot’
  • Grab an item from your backpack or clothing space and put it in your hands. Use it to dig up a bag or crate and re bury it.
  • Equip the gun via quick slot (need someone to tell you what your character is holding for them in their perspective)
Additional Information

This has happened twice before once with the shovel as mentioned above and another time where my fist were showing instead of my gun. Another time with my friend saying he had a fire axe but he also had nothing equipped.

This is a scary bug as you don’t have confidence in what items you are actually holding/interacting with.

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Grove created this task.Jan 14 2020, 9:56 PM