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Frozen Inventory!
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Most of the time items in crates, bags and barrels get frozen in their storage. Meaning I can’t take the items out or put new items in. This goes the same with your equipped backpack but happens less often. This causes a huge annoyance when trying to sort out loot and clean out chests. This happens EVERYTIME I play.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Simply just have crates with items in it. Log off. Log back in play for an hour or so come back to the chests and theirs like a 8/10 chance at least one of the items in bugged or sometimes even the whole chest is bugged. Try to take everything out smoothly and put it back in.

Additional Information

WORKAROUND**. So I found out how to work around this with crates, bags and chests when this occurs. So when you have a bugged item in a storage area say a crate. Put the crate in your characters hands and then you can take the item out or put items in. (However this doesn’t work for the gas barrel as it needs to be empty for you to pick it up!)

Otherwise it usually unbugs itself after a few hours logging out and closing the application. (If you play a session log off and log back in the next day)

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Grove created this task.Jan 14 2020, 9:26 PM