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Y camera axis bug (unplayable)
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Its not all the time however quite frequently, I am not doing anything specific to my knowledge like moving things around my inventory, switching weapons etc but all of a sudden my character will just look directly up and when I correct it by looking down he will look up again, also when navigating my inventory it will scroll up (like I'm pressing up on the right stick) same in the pause menu, it will keep scrolling up through the pause menu options, I have also deleted the game and reinstalled, same issue I have also had 4 new playstation pads one after another just to clarify that it cant be the pad, this does not happen when playing any other game that uses the R3 button so I can only assume it's a bug, makes everything extremely difficult and not fun having to constantly fight with my character looking up. Thanks Jack


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

I think it's when there is alot going on like stuff spawning in pois or alot of zombies or players nearby

Additional Information

It makes the game literally unplayable, also I play on eu de official servers It has happened to me on atleast 5-6 different servers, in chernarus and livonia

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Deano97x created this task.Jan 14 2020, 4:44 PM

Please fix

The bug is also visible to other players, people I'm playing with can also see that my character will just randomly keep looking upwards