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Sunrise glare stuck on all the time. Aslo please do something about bear attacks. Please read description.
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So when the sun rises in the morning the glare is not going away and is staying on. You can look down,up, all around and still see the annoying glare that won't go away. Please fix. It is affecting how you see things with this glare stuck on. I have been playing this game for the first time for about a couple of months now and not once have I ran into a bear till yesterday. I was on my same character for about two weeks until a bear just rushed out of a Bush and knocked me out and lost everything I had. I don't have anything against having bears in the game but please make it so when we get knocked out that the bears loose interests so we can get back up and either retreat or fight again. I got off at least 5 shots with a shotgun and then got knocked out and then died. They should be a little easier to kill, or make it to where we don't get knocked out right away when fighting a bear. You should not get knocked out after getting clawed one time by a bear. Stuck on sun glare is on server US LA-2617. Thank you.


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Windows 7

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Syfer42p created this task.Jan 6 2020, 7:49 PM