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Cars flip on open ground
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Car will flip when on open ground. Cant go any higher than 1st gear in car for fear of it. Pulled into open field to let server reset and as we come to a stop the car flipped over killing all three of us inside the car. Needs to be fixed asap. Been a very big bug in game for a long time and nothing has been done to it. Playing on a ps4 slim and the cars are honestly not even worth it but makes the time to travel so much faster. This wont help because the dev's only care about patching dupe glitches and other minor things that dont effect the game as much while cars have been in bad shape for a long time.


Operating System
Windows 7
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Drive a car and you will know. How bad it is. Once again not on a ps4 pro. Might be better on pro but not on any other one

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Very bad. Should not have put more cars into game or even made cars in the game if you arnt going to fix them. Or even try to. The company is small yes but fix the games you have out. Like if your going to make a game for console fix the cars. They make the cars super hard to get them then when you do the cars are so broken that they just kill you. We just want the cars fixed. Everything else is fine just fix the dang cars. Look on any forum and you can probably see people complaining about the cars. It's way out of hand

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