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Food Spawn/Hunger rate
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Been playing your game since day one of beta and it seems that since your latest update to include DLC food spawns seem to be scarcer than usual and you seem to consistently starve to death within twenty minutes of spawning (due to fewer to no food spawns and only Christmas presents being found which I'm assuming is why we aren't spawning any food. I mean presents are cool but i cant eat five pistol flashlights) Hunger rates seem to have been altered for the worst as well with your fresh spawn dying within twenty minutes of spawning. This might not be such a big deal should all the food spawns not seem to have vanished in place of Christmas presents. If you guys have altered the frequency of food spawns you'll need to at the very least extend or slow the rate of hunger to a more realistic rate. (if a human can go three days without food then maybe make it three day and night cycles before you starve?). I understand this is a hardcore survival game and not for your average player but as someone familiar to your game I have noticed this and felt the need to bring it to your attention. I love your game and am willing to roll with the punches as you perfect it and even have managed to sell a few friends on the game as well who have since bought it so here is to hoping you guys read this and can assess/make changes.



Operating System
Windows 7
Health System
Steps To Reproduce

Multiple re-spawns on server MI8677.
Multiple log in after server restarts
Multiple friends joining and respawning at different times
Multiple towns with "Presents" containing pistol flashlights/9v battery/ random assorted ammo box in place of food items
NO food spawns in grocery stores after multiple sever resets
Food being eaten to raise hunger to full only to drop back to yellow after not moving for 2 minutes (seriously did you guys give all players tapeworms??)
Issue also present on other severs as well seems global

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Oh and P.S

I legit took the time to make a log in, to write this report, to give it to you, cause I love your game and wanna see it get better and be better.