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Picking Up Items
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In DayZ PS4 edition there seems to be a bug where you can not pick up or drop items. This seems to happen at random with any object. From food to weapons. Even items you've had in your inventory will randomly do it. I've had an SG5 submachine gun that I couldn't pick up and I was in the middle of a gunfight. In the end I died. This happened with a magazine as well. It would not let me load the magazine and I dropped it to then try to pick it up to see if it would let me load it. I could not pick it up. It also happened with an axe. I could not pick up the perfectly fine axe. I killed a zombie and it would not let me take the salmon from it. Food is scarce and important but because the game bugged up I could not take it. This bug is a massive hindrance on the flow of the game. I very much enjoy it. I find it very entertaining but when that happens it takes me out and just annoys me. I'm sure others experience and get annoyed as well. Please fix this and thank you for reading this. I understand game development can be difficult but please! It is the one main bug that I can remember and happens often. Thank you.


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