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Server US LA-2617? Server US LA-2617? Server US LA-2617? What happened to it. Why? Why? Why? Read in description.
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Ok so yesterday I was playing on server US LA-2617 and all of sudden just went out along with all the LA and NY servers. Then I noticed they came back later except the US LA-2617. Then I was playing on another server when I got off to go to bed I noticed that US LA-2617 was back. I go to log in today to see it gone again. Why are you doing this? I have spent days and hours stashing loot and now it might just be gone. You should really inform people that this is going to happen. I would have grabbed a couple of bags of loot that took me forever to find and store. Please bring back server US LA-2617 with all my loot where it was. That is part of the game to gather stuff and stash stuff away and now I feel like I cant do that now anymore because I don't want that to happen again.


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Syfer42p created this task.Dec 16 2019, 8:54 PM