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Game is broken "AGAIN"
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1.Shooting blanks.
2.Missing items when logging in and out.
3.Hit zombies with mele weapons and not registering. After logging out and back in ammo in gun is missing.
4.Items stuck in dead players inventory.
5.Player stuck after switching weapons.

Constantly need to log out and back in to get everything to work correctly....
6.White screen when zooming in with scopes.

Basically all the same shit as before that was some what fixed before the 1.06 update.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Kill a player take his gun and shoot it. It will be blanks and not do any damage to anyone living or dead.
  1. Kill a player take his stuff and log out and back in.
  1. Take a splitting axe or hatchet from a player you kill and try to use it. Its like hitting someone with a invisible pillow. Then log out and back in and bullets in last gun used will be gone.
  1. Kill a player and try to remove stuff from his inventory.
  1. Run and try to change weapons. The player will stop and be stuck until going backwards then forward again.
  1. Zoom in with hunting scope or pu scope

Hunting scope is white and pu scope is blurry.

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Bohemia you killed the game!