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(Please read)Ghost Bullets , Items desynchronized
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If you haven’t relogged recently, sometimes your gun will shoot but not do any damage. Then say you relog with the gun in your hands, when you come right back in, you’ll have your item that you had in your hands 10 minutes ago in your hands. This has been around since the last update


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Log right in ,Have your perfectly working gun, kill some one , loot them, they’ll forsure have some unlootable items (also a major bug, unlootable items, if you can loot them when you log out they diss appear) try to shoot somebody , your bullets won’t do any damage, say you live ( you usually die, unless they don’t have a gun) and you log off with your weapon in hands, you’ll log back in with a previous item you hadn’t logged off with

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This bug really sucks, it really ruins the game. I’ve seen people say they’re gonna stop playing til they fix it. I still play it , just sucks when you I’ll send fully kitted guy cause you don’t wanna relog every 15 minutes.