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Client and Server desynchronization
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After install patch 1.06, the server and client desynchronize very often (previously this was not so common and was tolerable), desynchronization on the new Livonia map is especially noticeable. Desynchronization means that the character on the server holds one item in his hands and the user on the client side sees another item in his hands (other survivors see which item the player actually holds in hands, although the player himself sees a completely different). So! Today I tryed beat a zombie with a shovel and zombie did not take damage from a shovel, damage was not registered on server, dozens of zombies ran to me from all over the district and as a result it turned out that my character had SG 55/69! Only then did I realize that in fact I was shooting with a rifle and not holding a shovel in my hands! Yesterday I shot a survivor from CR-527, the survivor stood still, I shot into his body several times and the damage did not register, he stood still for 2 minutes and ran away without paying any attention to me. I threw the weapon to the ground and could not lift it. After that, I was forced to exit the server and return back. Having loaded into the game, I saw that there was no riffle on the floor, I found the weapon itself in my backpack, the weapon was loaded although I did not load it after firing, in my hands I had a knife while loading, which means that when I shot from the CR-527 I actually had a knife in my hands! This began to be repeated too often and makes it very difficult to play!


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Windows 7
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Same here but also on the old map