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1.05 bases disappearing.
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Over 3/4 of my current base has vanished after hours out into it. The previous base we built is completely gone theres no way to fix this cus i cant restore other people play too. you fuck tards are idiots and cant code shit right. Im reading other reports on this exact thing you fools are ignoring it. If you dont wanna fix the game just fucking stop working on it!


Operating System
Windows 7
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Fucking build something log out hell i dont fucking know. All i know is that my fucking shits gone like all of it.

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Fix your game!!!

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Was there a server rollback or did someone dismantle your base?

Negative. I own the server. No roll back available couldve rolled back how much was gone. Also since im owner of the server i can see if anyone is on. As of late im the only person using the server. Nobody is ever on. I preformed a rollback to attempt to fix the issue. It worked. Log in a day later pieces are already missing. Changed the pass word to double down on the server to confirm it wasnt another player. Logged out logged back in last night. More pieces missing. Restored again and changed the pass. Im now back whee i started bc all the restore piints have sections of the base missing. Also if it were a raid why wouldnt they take any of the 7 cars, 7 tents, 5 m4s various aks and armor as well as stock piled food and batteries and duck tape. That should be a triple down on the it was not a raid. But the double down and restores shouldve confirmed that.