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Cars have serious fuel leak.
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If i remember correctly, my first car (Olga 24) i managed to fix up only need 2 tires, water and some gas to start up and run.
It ran fine and was able to drive for very long on just half tank of gas.
Unfortunately i found my car flipped upside down and ruined after a scheduled server restart .
Every car there after (3 Olga 24 and 1 ADA 4x4) i fixed up with new battery, radiator and spark plug ran fine except that it uses up fuel/gas incredibly fast.
A full tank of gas on a Olga or ADA would be used up in about 15 to 30 minutes of driving around.
I haven't test any other vehicles so i don't know about them.


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Windows 7
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Xbox One X
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Not sure how to reproduce but try replacing the battery, radiator (filled full of water) and spark plug.

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I believe i am on version 1.05 Dayz Xbox.
Running on Private server from Nitrado.

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illicious set Operating System Version to Xbox One X.Nov 28 2019, 9:38 AM

Cars still leak fuel after 1.06 Dec. 3 update Charnarus.

Alright, i think i know what is going on here so this may not be a bug issue.

I found an ADA 4x4 and fixed it up with all the requirements which runs just fine with a normal gas usage but the previous 4 to 5 vehicles i found had a fuel leak problem right from the start.
I believe new spawned found vehicles can spawn damaged besides having a few pristine car parts already attached.

I found out the hard way when i was driving my Olga around and hit a small pole (very small tap) in a grassy field which turned the car to ruined status but the car parts were still good to use.
By now the car was showing a red dot when pointing at it but it never showed any other color before that (or nothing i did noticed).
So i will assume that cars can spawn damaged although they may appear new.
Also, i believe driving over Zeds can degrade your vehicle so i recommend to resist the urge and drive around them.
I think this bug report can be marked as resolved.

Oskas added a subscriber: Oskas.Jan 19 2021, 2:09 PM

I'm in 1.10 right now in January 2021.

We found a Gunter 2, newly spawned at its proper location. Very soon after we'd got it back at base, we had an incident where my friend opened a gate and smashed into the stationary Gunter, forcing the car into our fence and killing me as its sole occupant in the process!

We thought it was just 2 ruined tyres to fix (which we did), but pointing to the rear bumper of the car, it was red (ruined) condition. Everything else was pristine. When you drive a car with the rear bumper in 'ruined' state, I think it just depletes the fuel real fast. Like, you can physically see it going down when you're driving it. A full tank will last about 20 to 30 minutes of driving it.

Tried fixing with Epoxy, nothing seemed to do it and as you can't replace that part, the car is pretty much rendered useless... Well, except for 300 storage space.
Not unless you enjoy filling up the tank every 20 minutes.

Would be nice for a way to fix this situation.

Averryy added a subscriber: Averryy.Feb 5 2021, 8:38 AM

Yep, cars and the truck, if they take damage in a particular way, they result in a fuel leak.

The swinging of a gate into a car/truck seems to be the easiest way to replicate this bug.

As the leak is unfixable, the vehicle is pretty much useless.

Fuel will only leak if they car is being driven, sitting with the engine on stationary will not drain.