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Multiple players duping and crashing server repeatedly. I know their names and they have admitted it.
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Dead_cell74 and dead_puppies74 are duping on the server dayz us-ny 2737. I first noticed when the server repeatedly crashed about 15 times in a row a couple days ago. I watched the player list to see who would leave a second before crash and it was always one of those two players, usually alternating. I confronted him in message and he admitted to it saying he won't get banned because many have confronted him and has never been banned. I actually found his base with 20+ sea chests all completely full with tier 4 military gear. Way more than you could ever find looting normally unless it was done for years. Once i was up there dead_cell74 killed me and messaged me after. Just another thing clearly pointing to him constantly duping. He has also done it today and this time the server isnt coming back up which is annoying and this ruins the game for everyone in so many ways. Please ban them both i beg you.


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Windows 7
Game Crash
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Happens daily it seems. They just can't seem to have enough gear. Its dumb.

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Let me know if there are any questions, I'd love to help. This kind of thing ruins the game.

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Folsom91 created this task.Nov 23 2019, 4:48 AM

I also learned that these guys have a team doing this using some method that is unknown apparently. Also they are duping to sell full gear sets at $6 a piece. Please take care of this.

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