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Low DUCK TAPE can be still renewed by constraing and unleashing another person
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Before the last update it was possible to renew a low duck tape, if you constrain youself with the low duck tape and then unleash yourself. After this procedure a low duck tape has moved to a full duck tape.
This cheat is still avaible, if you constrain another person (e.g. a partner in DAYZ) with a low duck tape. After the other person has unleashed himself, the duck tape is full again.
Version: PS4 (v1.05)


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

You need:

  • DAYZ for PS4 (v1.05)
  • Two players (characters)
  • A duck tape with a low amount (any amount lower than 100%).
  1. One player use the low ducktape to constrain the other player.
  2. The contrained player has unleashed himself by using the action button (e.g. R2 by PS4).
  3. Check the duck tape: The previously low duck tape is on an amount of 100% again.

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WTF a you doing? This is the only useful bug in the game for everyone. They will fix this error, but leave all the rest! You better get them to fix all other errors first, and then report this one!