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Inventory Glitch
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So I've encountered this glitch a few times over the last week or So and today it's happened again so decided to report it. Killed a guy just north of Cherno at the hunting camps and looted him taking only his back pack because it was bigger and his vest but changing the items around inside, I've then run to moglievka ( I think) looted the town and ran into another guy and suddenly I couldn't use any of my guns? When I finally managed to get the sk out all my bullets were landing aT my feet and I couldn't even shoot the zombies near me so I decided to run off to novy sobor and relog, When I relogged all my inventory had changed back to what the original guy i killed was carrying loosing all the loot I had gained. Even my mosin with a scope and ghillie wrap all disappeared despite me crafting the wrap my self leaving me with a sk and 2 bullets. Like I said I've encountered both bugs mentioned at least 3 or 4 times in the last week. GG


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