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Gun spawns
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Dayz on Xbox has a big issue that is easily fixable,
If players stash a certain amount of weapons of a certain kind for example an M4-A1, this will stop spawning in his normal spawns, it will only spawn in helicopter crashes.
The only way to find it then is to find people’s stashes, wich is almost impossible to do.
This has to be fixed, because every server is full of those stashes, and Wiping the servers will only temporally fix it. I hope you‘ll answer soon.
Cheers Kigio


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

1 Pick up a certain amount of weapons ( example: 20 M4-A1)
2 Stash them
3 this tipe of weapons won’t spawn anymore

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Kigio created this task.Nov 12 2019, 1:23 PM
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Major issue since players new to the game cannot find weapons such as akm, m4. I've been playing daily for 3 weeks on official FPP servers and haven't found a single m4 or ak. It's making the game unplayable

well today i found 1x M4 in hunting Camp with 2x Barrack at North ( near Tisy ) and after 1 Hour it disappeared from my inventory ( i couldn't attack any zombie or do anything so i logged out and after relog it was not in my inventory )
so after 2 hour i was in Tisy and i didn't find anything but on last 4 Tents i found 2x AK M and 2X Long AK and 2 BackPack on Zombie and 2 Plate Carrier xD