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Multiple Bugs Via Xbox
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In the Community Servers, you can build bases without issues. In public servers, you can not build anywhere. Since the 1.05 update. You can set up fence kits, but when you go to build base, your character freezes as in the screenshots I uploaded.

Vehicles have become more buggier. The ADA 4*4 is a prime example In the two videos you can see what I mean. We lost 8 4*4's because of this bug within 2 wks.

In my opinion, Console is not ready for a powerful game like DayZ. Unless you all find a way to fix these bugs. DayZ players will continue to refuse purchasing this game for console. Or worse hate on your game. DayZ has promise, but I believe that updates should fix the following below first before releasing any new updates, vehicles, aircraft, mods, dlc and more

  • Vehicle Bugs
  • Game Crashes
  • Over powered Wolves (1 bite and player dies)
  • Map Glitches (Falling through map)
  • Extreme Food/Liquid drainage (starvation & dehydration shouldn't happen every 5m)
  • More food, water, medical and supplies should be easier to find
  • Lavonia (is perfect from the PC beta, that should be implemented into DayZ SA

Fix these issues and everything will run smoother.
These are my only complaints.


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