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Client/Server Discrepancy (De-Sync)
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Quite severe discrepancy between client & server on public Bohemia servers (Xbox).
Quite often any item held in hands of even items equipped to characters body will have major variances from player to player.
For instance I may be holding a Machete in my hand but a team mates See a KAS-74U in my hand & when I swing the Machete in reality i'm raising & firing rounds server side.
So it would appear that there is sizeable De-Sync between the client & server.
The only way to combat this is to Re-log every half an hour but it still cause multiple discrepancies & inventory items will become bugged or simple disappear due to never really knowing what will be saved to the character database on logging out as what you see client side is generally incorrect after any length of game play.
I really appreciate the hard work the team is doing with bug fixes & general Development but this issue is most definitely the most pervasive bug currently in game.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  • Play for approx 30-60 mins in a group (need a group to be able to test discrepancy between what an individual see's on there client as apposed to what others see)
  • Continuously change quick slot items, change weapon magazines, etc
  • frequently ask other group members what they see in your hands or clothes worn on body if clothes frequently changed.
Additional Information

Xbox 1, hard wired super fast broadband, playing with other group members on Xbox 1X & S also hard wired.

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