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Disappearing weapons & Unattachable magazine's
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Hi I had an issue today where after I found new pants and switched my stuff from my old pants over, my friend said he can still see things in the old pants on the ground so I exited the server and rejoined hoping it would be in my inventory and it was still in the pants on the ground, so I was able to take the stuff out when I realized my KAS-74 that had a full magazine was now missing the magazine, and it was in my jacket inventory. So I tried combining, holding triangle to load, and dragging the mag into the gun but it wouldn't work, I dropped it and had my friend try and it wouldn't even load one of his magazines, the worst part was then I realized I was completely, entirely missing a KA-M that I had on my back since yesterday, just gone, searched everywhere in the camp I'd been in and couldn't find it anywhere, all I did was log off and log back on and one gun disappeared, and one gun was suddenly inoperable. Also this isn't the first time my friend and I had a magazine problem, 2 or 3 days ago he had the exact same problem with his KAS not being able to put a magazine in it, and right after that my KA-74 did the same thing, always happens after logging back in, the guns that had a magazine in them, dont anymore, and can't put any into them.


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This is a very important issue. I lost so many top weapons