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I played the PC version of Dayz at EGX 2019 with a couple of friends. We both wanted to check out if Dayz on Xbox had improved and was in any way comparable. Having 30 minutes left of free trial I installed the game on my Xbox but could not list any servers, despite refreshing, hard reset of Xbox and reset of router. My friend has exactly the same issue. I sent an email, and was advised to reset my router. Tried again, but still no servers. I also found a list of ports to be forwarded. Tried this on my router settings, still no servers available. I now have less than 15 minutes of free trial.
I also read a tip that said to watch the introduction video all the way through. Did this, no luck.

I'd be really interested in trying the game, but obviously I'm not prepared to shell out £40 for a game that I may not be able to play...


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Whenever I try starting a game.

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