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Server still missing
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You just posted on Twitter all servers are back up. US SL 2635 is still missing. the SL servers are still missing. We’re honestly losing faith in the game. I could understand the original wipe because of duper’s, which you didn’t fix anyway. Now duper’s have still messed the servers up to the point that we haven’t seen any guns since the wipe, we haven’t seen any tents since the wipe, it’s still way too easy to break into bases, it’s almost impossible to heal yourself if you accidentally use rags that haven’t been cleaned - I assume that you need to do a blood transfusion to fix it, but haven’t been able to test it because by the time I’m perma sick I can’t find anyone the same blood type so I just deal with it.

Bugs - our servers are gone w/ no warning. They were never persistence off or had a Warning they were being deleted. following the crash this weekend they’re just gone.

Stop breaking the game more than it already is. With all the times we’ve lost characters because of accidental wipes or glitches we don’t even really want to play anymore - which sucks, we loved this game.


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Socks created this task.Oct 9 2019, 11:23 PM