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Blue Screens / Game Crashes
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The game crashes (PS4 calls it blue screen) every 15-20 minutes on average now, for everyone in my group and on my private server. It's gotten bad and it is going to kill this game for our community. This should be a high priority because it is literally game breaking.


Operating System
Windows 7
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It seems to happen randomly, but more so when in game chat and when in a fight or around a lot of zombies.

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^ Same issue game randomly crashes since update 1.05. Will crash if you shoot, fight 1 zombie, randomly running down the street.

tusted added a subscriber: tusted.Oct 9 2019, 7:26 PM

Same here, after the last update 1.05 game is crashing an alarming rate. This is very critical!
We cannot give some info about it, because is hard to reproduce... it happens randomly... like engaging zombies or players, walking or running around.

Grascid added a subscriber: Grascid.Oct 9 2019, 8:20 PM

Can someone from dayz development team please admit this game is faulty on ps4 so i can get a refund as sony says 3rd party has to admit it