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Game crashes while fighting zombies causing death
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Game crashes and blue error screen appears while in the middle of the fight with zombies. 4 times in three Days. On servers de 9212, ru 2419. Today happened to my friend, and after he was 'dead', he was still in game, standing and breathing until the server restart. When he spawned immediately after Being killed, he was a fresh spawn on the coast. Please Fix it, you have two players thinking to stop playing and i am sure we are not the only one. Lost our m4s and kalashnikovs.


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Windows 10 x64
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I was watching one of the streaming of Dayz and the streamer mentioned that if we go to setting of PS4 and delete all the game history/data of your PS4 to save space.
This will make less blue screen appear and the game crash. I aimed at zombie and right before I shoot, the blue screen appear and ended up dead and lose all my gear as well.

Thank you, i will try that

tusted added a subscriber: tusted.Oct 8 2019, 5:50 PM

@twgolf66 What do u mean delete all the game history/data ?
Reinstall the game ?

I believe that's what he meant and so I went into both Storage and Saved Data Management, I've deleted some of the old games that I no longer play and try to free up some space. In fact, it helps a bit but not completely. I still get the blue screen but mostly occur when logging into the server but noticed still get crashed during the game play. Not as frequent but doesn't solve it. Maybe because I didn't want to delete a few of other games data completely, afraid I might lose my profile, this method doesn't completely solve it for me. But definitely not as often compare to previously that it crashed on me almost in every hour. Perhaps Sony also could help out in this crashing issues with their games.

tusted added a comment.Oct 8 2019, 7:43 PM

I will do some cleaning on my storage and post here if helps a little bit.

My game is crashing in alarming rate, like each 30 minutes, changing server, walking into forest, engaging zombies or is just randomly....
I also think Sony can help, every time I got blue screen I'm sending the error report to them...