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I spent Two days in real life time looking for parts for a car I got it running and went to pick my friends up from looting and it lagged when I got into a town and flung me into a fence and the car was destroyed. I didn’t have any extra parts so it ending up despawned. I built two more cars and even went slow going into towns (walking speed) with the other two cars I built and it did the same thing. Please fix this issue a car is a long process to build and could take multiple days to find parts for and get back to and put it in, just to have it for 5 minutes and not be able to use it again.


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I agree. I've discovered that driving close to 20kph or less is the best bet but is certainly frustrating. I go even slower in towns.

The freezes are horrible and I regularly have been taking video clips of mine. They seem to occur every minute or so of constant travel time. I assume it is simply due to a delay in the textures loading in.

One things I have noticed is that when freezes do occur, others in my party do not see them. ....only the driver. What about having the game world render differently for the driver to help prevent this? Would that work or is that even possible? Perhaps limit the rendering distance and detail for anyone who takes the wheel.

There really needs to be a solution to these persistent, long-running bugs like this. As the OP mentioned, we as players spend hours or sometimes days to find and fix, build and maintain these cars. ....only to have them wrecked due to a glitch. Same goes for the weapons we find and equip with accessories. ...only to have those stop working (no damage), get stuck in a tent / car/ barrel, lose the ability to reload, etc. all due to glitches. I've already died twice from weapons that decided to quit dealing damage.

These are known, game breaking issues that have been around for a long time. Your focus should be on fixing these core problems with your game before thinking about a physical release, launching paid DLC, adding more features, etc.

I agree, I have the same issue when I play and it can ruin the experience of the game totally when this happens