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Sickness & Food/Water Degradation
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So I dont knoe if this is due to being sick or not but loss of food and water has drastically changed to the point of where it is almost impossible to stay hydrated or fed, and when becoming sick I have found that it can glitch and become permanent despite medicating. Have not found a way past this and my last 3 character have caught a sickness despite not being attacked drinking water. (Only drank cans)


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PanduhVII created this task.Oct 5 2019, 5:00 AM

Happens to me too.

Wysheathy added a subscriber: Wysheathy.EditedOct 7 2019, 3:32 PM

I have a character which has been sick (spawned in 1.04) from literally the start of his life, now in 1.05. I play with a big group of friends and while always popping tetracyline to cure myself to no avail I was then informed by a friend that this has been due to taking the wrong type of pill. Having then ran a course of charcoal tablets for the first time ever being 'well' and curing said character.

Try taking the different pills or taking them in conjuction with each other and see if this fixes the issue. Hope this helps.

10/07/19 still puking to near death. Cannot cure illnesses.

10/9/2019 still near death puking. Cant play for more than 5 minutes.