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Buggy Disaster
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I'm not sure anyone over there at BI has actually tried this game on console. At least 1.04 was (with a boatload of time and dedication) a manageable effort. I get it, the game was originally designed for PC so the controller will have it's restrictions. Nonetheless, you could learn the quirks and work around them.

So far I have put about 5 hours into 1.05 with some truly abysmal results.

  1. When you sheath a knife it sounds like chambering rounds. So much for that silent approach.
  1. Zombies near objects are stuck to them upon aggro. They just stand there squawking endlessly.
  1. Following the update download, the game basically erased the last hour of progress. I go from holding a K-AM in Nwaf to an unscoped cr527 in Stary.
  1. Get on today to continue with said character and, nope I'm some chick freshly spawning in Cherno. No wipe on the server, just BI wiping there ass with my sweaty dollars.
  1. Chick gets shotgun, hunting knife, and pistol. I quick slot all three plus some rags. I get attacked by a zombie; pull my knife and swing 10 times with no contact. I realize the animation is closer to that of swinging a hammer and the knife swipe sounds are absent. So I hide in a garage and decide to re-log. My character was in the throw stance during the 15 second countdown. Upon my return all my quick slot items are gone.
  1. Manage the grueling trek up to Zelenagorsk after drinking 25 gallons of water, and find a Cr527 and Shotgun along the way. While looting one of the barracks, I hear a player approaching. I shoot him in the chest as he attempts to enter and he returns a buckshot clipping my leg. I shoot once more and he goes down, and then the real problem begins. I have 1 wound and almost no health lost. I duck into the bathroom and pull out my stack of 5 rags to bandage......doesn't work! So I pull out my backup stack of 6 rags........doesn't work! So I run to the dead body and take his stack of 4 rags......doesn't work! So I take off her ski mask to make a rag.......doesn't work! So I pull out my sewing kit.......I think you know the answer. There lies my chick; dies from a single buckshot pellet surrounded by 15 rags, her ski mask, and a sewing kit. Fun game.
  1. Inventory management has gone from bad to worse. I'm beginning to think the words directional pad has a different meaning at BI. Do us all a favor and turn on an xbox; pickup 30 random items, and then try and pick the item you want from there. Oh yea, make sure to do it when you're getting attacked by wolves and you really need that item fast!
  1. Vaulting works! Cheers my dudes!!

Unfortunately, I want to love this game, but it is a mess of unrealized potential. There are experiences in Dayz that no other game I have played can attempt to create. I think that is why the game stays alive despite the staggering pitfalls. I just hope BI as a business; takes it by the reigns and puts quality first. Thousands of ambitious concepts being overshadowed by poor execution. Make it right before nobody gives a shit.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Run around for an hour attempting various gameplay tasks ie. Looting, inventory management, quick slotting items, general item handling, etc.

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I have the same issues. Also some other quite serious issues are: no military weapons seem to be spawning on official servers, and some items cannot be taken from another players inventory or storage containers

The only way I retrieved the rags from the dead body was to take his shirt containing the rag to hands.