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New guns not spawning
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Everytime I go looting in unable to find any kind of assault rifles. Ive played countless of hours to never find any rifles. Ive looted all the military bases police stations etc.... With the the 1.05 update I still can't find the new weapons. The guns are not spawning.


Unable To Reproduce
Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Login into server
Loot NWAF no weapons
Loot Tisy(Military Base) no weapons
Loot Troitskoe(Military Base) no weapins
Spend 8 hours looting (no weapons)

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PixietheMan created this task.EditedOct 4 2019, 4:37 PM

Assault Rifles are not spawning

Wefeel u same here

This needs admin attention immediately.

Solved. To get new items spawning preform a server rollback. To the earliest backup you can. That should be yesterdays or fridays or todays if you read this after the automated backup. But restore to that point this will mitigate losses to pregress on the server and should force new loot to spawn. I did this myself and found the mlock in a police station immediately afterwards without losing my progress.