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Dear BI
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First of all, I have been a loyal fan of Arma series over last 10 yrs and a big supporter of BI for what you try to create in the simulator games and the philosophy. So I have an utmost respect for what your company has done until I played Dayz in PS4 recently. Perhaps, I should go back and stick with playing in PC.

Upon spending $70 for this game, I only found out that how the game can be released with all these of types of glitches and lag.
I knew there will be some lacking mechanism in the game as you focus on the realism(which I appreciate) but didn't expect to be this bad and how fundamentally flawed this game is in many critical features. Hard to believe it's been over 5 years of beta mode as I'm sure all of us were patiently waiting for the game to be completed. Not only I feel like wasted money but worse, the game is wasting my valuable time playing in many occasions.

But I also must say there are still many functioning features of the game that I fell in love with.
There's no game out there that can pound your heart beat and raise hair back of your neck. This game can be potentially the best game ever. Or should I just walk away?

I still have a faith in your company's capabilities and please release next update with all known bugs fix sooner than you normally take and move forward, otherwise you will have one less loyal supporter of BI(like you care). Perhaps the new map with bear will be provided as an expansion to all these users, just to apologizing the agonies and frustrations this game has caused since the release. Lastly, I love this game so much that I only wish the game could be fixed so that player like myself can enjoy and look forward to spending their time playing in the future.


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twgolf66 created this task.Sep 26 2019, 7:13 PM
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They want money for the new map. BI scams us. They will never fix the game. They add new copy paste items without fixing the existing bugged items. Lame excuses, empty promises from BI ever since release. They just try to keep our expectations up to grab more money. I guess they take the console players money to invest in the development of arma4 that will be for pc players