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Gunfight lag/other various bugs
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  • Game lags so bad I cannot run properly or shoot back in a gunfight as shown in clip - this happens almost every time I play.
  • Player I am fighting has no gun in his hands but I can hear shooting.
  • Bullets don't register properly or the gun is firing blanks as I shoot people point blank down a corridor.
  • Gun does not reload with most full magazine, in photo I show I have multiple full magazines but after reloading first time I have 13 bullets, second reload I have 6 bullets in my gun.
  • When trying to close the door, character performs "throwing item" action - no way to change controls in settings


Operating System
Windows 7

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Aidandayz97 updated the task description. (Show Details)Sep 25 2019, 1:52 PM

I don't generally lag in game or in firefights that's a you issue.
Player you're fighting may not be guy shooting at you.
Game is generally playable with a few minor issues. It's still be updating dont throw a temper tantrum.

Everyone i've played with and thousands of people posting comments on twitter and on this site have issues with lag, maybe you play on a low population server.
The player was shooting me I could hear and see the bullets, i've seen this bug many times and even with a friend having no gun in his hands on my screen but he is telling me that he has his gun out.
This is a bug report website, hence why all the points I listed were bugs. If you wanna come on this site and just complement the game maybe you should just send Bohemia a nice email or something instead and stop pretending the bugs don't exist.

Aidandayz97 renamed this task from Game generally unplayable - So many issues I can't title this to Gunfight lag/other various bugs.Sep 26 2019, 1:13 AM

Yeah I see now, I haven't been in a gunfight in a large city or any at all yet, you were shooting right through them.

Although; for the other issue of closing doors you have to look at the door where it says close which I saw a few times, it's very picky with that.