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Spawning back in time
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I was playing on 4227 and I was on west border. I ran far north and the server was doing a reset. I was kicked during the reset and when I made it back into the server my character was back on west border were I started.

I ran again back to grozovoy pass and logged out. When I logged back in I was back at west border. Same loot, same everything. Even my shoes reverted back to the same shoes even though I changed them before logging out.

My characters save in the server keeps putting me back to the same spot with the same loot. This did not effect my friends, only me.


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Windows 7
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I do not know how it happened or how to reproduce this

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This happened following a normal server reset

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I decided to bury my marlin bag in my hands and on my back. When I logged out and came back it moved my spawn point where I logged out. Then I dug my bags back up and equipped one and the other it wouldnt let me dig up. When I logged back out and in it put me back to the original spawn point after I buried my bags.

Basically the server isnt saving my character correctly

Also the marlin bag I dug up and equipped despawned.

My gamertag is POUND YOU SILLY

Whenever the server resets it does this. It’s normal for dayz. For example if you pick something up in the server and log off right away it has a 50 50 chance of not being in your inv. I do agree that this should be looked into but not immediately.

same issue for me. very annoying and makes the game unplayable