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CRASH, Playing then Crash Come back EVERYTHING GONE
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Me and a Friend have been building a base a while on server SJ 4377. We built a car,base, fully equipped. First it was the car which disappeared right when I parked on a street next to water to refill the radiator and turned around it was gone. Tried logging out and logging in and still it’s gone. NEXT is me and my friend have experienced this TWICE that the game will crash and when you log back in ALL your inventory is gone and it resets character with No one around or zombies. This is RIDICULOUS we worked so hard and now it’s all gone


Operating System
Windows 7
Game Crash
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We don’t know what to do and will not play DayZ if it’s going to keep resetting our character and items out of random. To make it worst if you want to play by yourself you need to buy a server what the hell?

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This is ridiculous it’s a great game but why does it always crash and restart your whole character and items