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Inventory bug well reported and covers all known issues
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Priority Normal because the loot spawn issue, character wipe issue, and others of like the like will make people leave. This is just highly aggravating. So Here are two known inventory issues i have looked into.

#1 Invisible inventory issues
This issue is actually a double issue. Inventory that is invisible is still there and can be selected but cant be seen. It's more of an issue with the item area not expanding for that container, (pants, jacket, backpack) to show the items within it. The trick I've learned is that you can just barely see the items slot count peaking below the last item in that container. when you scroll up and down one item at a time you can still highlight them and bring them to hand and combine with items. You just cant see that its currently highlighted. I have replicated this and it had something to do with what action you were using to add items to your inventory and if they were coming from a container with or without something already in your hands. I'll comment back when i remember how i replicated this. On the same note, when i collapse my gun attachment and belt it still scrolls through the items on my second gun slot, right shoulder. I have not pinpointed the correct order of actions that causes this because opening and re-collapsing them makes this go away.

#2 Unable to take inventory from tent, bag, barrel, any container not on my person.

This too is a double wammy. First I'll say when killing an infected I can rarely move their items to my inventory directly Same with other players but i have found no way to fix that like i have the infected. I've found that holding to move them and dragging them to my hands works every time for infected. Now for the issue with tents and barrels, bags, and only if they are not equipped to you such as a dry bag you have on the ground to bury. I have found that when more than one player in putting items in or removing them, or even accessing the screen, items glitch and can not be brought out in any way without a log out and back in, usually by all members. Items that you placed in yourself while you're the only one accessing the storage only glitch like this when you swap the item in your hand for the item in storage and they swap between the bag. Often times at this point once you have logged out and back in and can retrieve the item it is permanently glitched. examples are mags wont load or equip to rifles, shovels wont bury or dig, guns wont fire ,sometimes will for you on your screen but will do nothing to everyone else or on a server level, items can not be combined.

I'm also going to report a bug issue with disease and with rain/car tent not providing protection.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Please see above as i did not scroll down to see this section ahead of time.

Additional Information

the items issue has cause some of us to lose rare weapons, mags, and other useful things that we value and put a lot of time into.

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