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DayZ PS4 car lags/crashes
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Every couple minutes game lags while you driving car for at least 5-20 seconds. After that end up with ruined car (all parts : spark plug,radiator, battery,wheels are prestine condition) black smoke from engine car respawn after couple of minutes. Internet speed 60+ download 17 upload. Before update after crash just change radiator or spark plug and good to go now totally ruined car.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Build another car same issue again,any different car has the same issue.

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Someone please explain or help or fix the issue.

I’ve been experiencing this as well. I think it’s definitely a development issue on the server side. I believe it to be a desync issue. The client has to stop to load data and the server keeps going. I have also noticed that the loading walls mostly only affect the driver of the vehicle. Hopefully we can get a fix for this soon.

i am on ps4 private 10 slot server just me on it and lag is terrible server in australia cant drive at all always crashes. wish i knew how to dupe cause spark plugs eh 3 in a two week period 4 hours a day searching and loot cycling if you guys are gonna ive a shit unfinished game at least make the parts needed to repair plentiful fk rocket fk bohemia f**k dayz

and seriously played this since it was game of thrones og server style over 20000 hours 10000 odd since steam and i stopped after the standalone modded unofficial pc is the only way to enjoy this game seriously bohemia why release half a game