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Can't see barrel inventory
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I can't see the storage space in most barrel. I found an empty blue barrel. I knew it was empty because it let me move it to my hands. I put it down. I opened it. I put some stuff in it. While putting items in it I have to guess if I'm dropping them in the right spot when I release the x button. I put the item in my hand before moving it to the barrel which is in the vacinity. The item left my hands and went into the barrel but I can't see what's in the barrel. Now when I close the barrel I can't move the barrel to my hands so I know the item is in the barrel. When I open the barrel and look what's in the vacinity it doesn't show the storage space in the barrel.


Operating System
Windows 7
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This happens with the majority of barrels. I'm playing on EU NL 2680 on PS4. Just find some barrels, open them and try to move a weapon, food, or drink into the barrel. This happened to me with a blue barrel. You can't scroll down far enough to see the barrel inventory. You have to scroll past all the cloths dying, and leather dying. The curser moves down past that stuff but you can't see it.

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