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Duplicate bug is back and it’s worse !!!!!!
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Yeah it’s back.

The duplication bug is back and it’s easier and stronger than ever.
After my fully loaded character got wiped
Spent 3 days running full circle around the map looting all military bases 3 times and not a KA’s M4’s to be found nothing anywhere.
Can enjoy playing anymore.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Simply disconnect your internet and reconnect to same server and a ghost of your character is invisible but there.

Simply kill your ghost and then it appears then you double up on all your loot.

Not just that but you can disconnect several times and have more than one ghost to duplicate.
Iv noticed a “playername” (2) at the end of your name to indicate that more than one if you is in the server.
Iv seen (4) on a player name.

Additional Information

I’m really at the end of my tolerance levels with this game with the bugs lag player wipes and lack of openness from the development team.

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