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Cant retrieve items from tents, cars, barrels, crates and other containers
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Can't remove items from tents, cars, barrels, crates and other containers.

After placing items in containers, usually many items, it gets to a point were you can't remove things from the container. It isn't always the items placed into the container but can be a mix of items that were already in there and freshly placed items. After logging out and back in again the item remain stuck in the container. A server reset seems to be the only fix to correct this.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Add and remove several item to a container until it reaches a point items get stuck. Happens almost every time a number of items have been removed/placed. Can be triggered over a period of time if you have added/removed many item into any number of containers over the period of a single session

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kaVij added a subscriber: kaVij.Sep 3 2019, 1:30 PM

already had this problem too, pretty annoying because if you have to move your barrel you can't because there is stuff in it that you can't move

I am having this problem too, on xbox, this is a severe problem. When will these major bugs be fixed in this game?????