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We lost everything and got noobed.
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We travelled across the map here and there to loot good stuff just to lose it all.

We came normally back to base and since it was sunset we logged out to wait for the sunrise and put all the loot in boxes and barrels...

When we logged back in we both started as fresh noobs without nothing and ready to be a##fucked.

Is there any way to get back the stuff😭.

Btw with at least some consolidation we managed to find car that only needed some coolant.
We found some water and were ready to start car when it disappeared just like that leaving us being once again a##fucked.... What was that?


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Windows 7

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kragath88 triaged this task as Immediate priority.

Hey i just got wiped too , also my 3 friend i was playng wit
Lost all our KA's and sniper undestand that this made us quit the game

Same problem here had everything good last night n then lost everything when I logged in.

Fresh spawn after being alive for 12 days so you can imagine 8 hours of looting everyday and waking up to be a fresh spawn yay