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Lost charterers beyond a joke now
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I’ve been behind DayZ for the PS4 since day one of its release as soon as I found out it was on the psn story I yeeted my money at it even if it did have a pretty steep price but lately I’ve been having more and more regrets in wasting what I spent I’ve had game breaking glitches since day one and no news of any fixes on the way first was weapons such as extremely sort after weapons such as the KA M and m4 disappearing from my inventory when the server crashes server restarts or any thing that kicks me from the current server I’m playing on or glitches such as zombies beating me down while not being able to be killed due to bullets or melee damage not registering spending hours fixing a car to have it destroyed by lag in seconds and then this Just building base and losing connection to find out after the grind I’ve spent weeks doing is now repaid in a character wipe at this point in time I would very much appreciated that you take control of your game and do something to fix the utter glitch of a game your charging top dollar for maybe by refunding people or server roll backs to the start of this current Issue


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Windows 7
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Just log out or a server

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Am very disappointed, well if I could say what I'm really feeling this post wouldn't make it past censorship. Come on bohemia, fair play. We pay good money to play on ps4, spent all day grinding to move my groups base from 6078 to 0045. Got in just now and while staring off in menu everything looked normal, as soon as I started playing, I get another character all noobed and miles away from base!! What are you going to do to fix this issue, do your servers have a back up so we can get our load out and character back?! Fix this bohemia or I'll be lodging a complaint and refund from sony. Please, just please give a s#@t this time and fix this issue!

OMG.. what a waste.. i spend a full week grearing up on ps4 to have it all taken from me. Im done with DayZ

I think I'm honestly done playing if this isn't fixed and I get my gear back. I do have a community of tactical gamers that I was going to recommend buying the game for ps4 but I don't want them to hold anything against me for suggesting a broken game.

I was on last night on ru2749 logged out not shot or anything as normal, came on today and I had been fresh spawned and lost everything, be lucky you guys had the guns you had, I've not had that good luck upto now

I will also be filing a complaint with Sony and asking for a refund this is not what was advertised when I bought the game