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Lag is unbearable most of the time in game. Some of the time while I play I can ignore the lag/frame loss because the situation I'm in is not dangerous or I am just in my base or a building away from zombies and players. However there are times when I hear a zombie behind me and turn around to fight it but the buildings and surroundings loading/rendering in causes me to lag extremely badly, so that I cannot see or move well enough to fight the zombie and even freeze for a few seconds allowing zombies to hit me multiple times for no fault of my own. Also there are situations when I see another player and I aim down my scope but the game lags and freezes so badly that I lose track of where the player is and have no hope of shooting them, or if the player runs and I am trying to chase them it can be impossible to keep up with the lag and freezing causing me to be disoriented and slowed down. This lag happens every time me and everyone I have talked to plays. This literally makes the game unplayable and I don't know the everyday jobs that developers have to deal with but I think should be the number one priority to be fixed/improved immediately. No matter what new content or features are added, they cannot even be enjoyed by players until the game is reliable and does not lag. This is a full release game and has been out for a couple months now but the lag is still the same, something like this needs to be fixed immediately or the game is pointless and cannot be played seriously in my opinion.


Operating System
Windows 7
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Play the game and you will know what I mean.

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