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Killed by barbed wire
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I have a character who was killed by barbed wire on a gate inside our base.

We built a base inside a barn and inside we have walls with a gate. The gate has barbed wire on the top section. After opening the gate and walking through the open gate my character started making the “I’m being hurt” sound. My health plummeted and I died. I lost my ka and all my other loot, please fix


Operating System
Linux x64
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I used another character and the same thing started to happen, I was able to log off before that character died, my friends were not affected by the it

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This just happened to two of my friends at the same time. Gate with barbe wire was open, i walked through, nothing haopened to me. One friend walked through, started the „hurt“ sound and dropped unconcious. Other friend wanted to help, both died within seconds... typically DayZ/BI- Bullshit. Adding new crap but no testing. When the game came out, what was in it isstill the same, what they added is just cheap crap. Cars, Basebuilding, it doesn‘t work and causes so much trouble. Gu play is shit, its frustrating that i‘ve spend that much loney on the game and server, i feel scammed

This happens to me when I open and close a gate, the wire stays in place and you can easily die by this glitch, I can re create this error by opening a gate and closing it then opening it again.