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Cannot remove items from downed Zombies normally
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Unable to remove items from a downed/dead zombie without a combination of buttons.
Should be able to press A on the item and it will go to my hands
Should be able to press X on the item so it will go to my inventory, like the button prompts tell me.

Instead I had to hold A and then RB to move it to my hands, then it removes it from the zombie.

Can this be fixed to act normally?


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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cant remove items from zombies unless holding A and then pressing RB to move to hands.

Additional Information

why does this happen this way?

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sderworiz triaged this task as High priority.

Honestly I don't even get to option to loot zombies.... I've killed quite a few and I try the inventory screen as well as walking up and crouching next to them to see if it gives me the option and it never does

I get the normal Press A to put into hands or X to Inventory - both do nothing.
So I ran into some dude and he told me you have to press and hold A on the zombies item, then RB to move to your hands, then release A.

This is kind of ridiculous for such a simple operation.

I literally get button prompt and nothing in the vicinity when I pull up my inventory.

I have come across when downing a zombie that it wont show anything in the vicinity unless I'm in the perfect position. And also times where it takes a couple of seconds while standing over a dead zombie checking vicinity that their items show up.

I'll see if this helps but I'm literally standing on their corpse looking at them and it doesn't show up. Will give update shortly trying to get a jump on a different server and see if that fixes it

Slightly move around in the circle while spamming the inventory button until you see the zombies pop up in your vicinity that's what I do when I can't find their inventory spot

Yep, this is what I am currently doing.
Wouldn't be good if I got sniped for taking too long to loot tho haha.

Still something should be fixed here.