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Bugs report PS4
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Hi, I permit myself to send you this list of bugs on PS4 that i saw during my journey on Dayz,

  • the first bug that i saw but i guess you know this one, it is about the night goggles on the tactical helmet that doesn't work.
  • the second bug that i saw is the inventory overlay, sometimes we can't see the full content of our inventory due to an overlay bug that hide the full content of bags pants or anything else.
  • the third one is, when we play with people and drop stuff on the ground for mates they can't see the things that we dropped for them on the ground witch is a bit annoying it happens often and with all kind of things (weapon, food, ammo, clothes....).
  • the last one that i saw for now is the fact that since you had the possibility to throw things when we press twice the square button, we can't drop things on the ground without going in the inventory, before it was possible to drop the things in our hands with the square button and it was very useful and quicker now we always have to go to the inventory to drop things on the grounds whent they are in our hands.

I love your game and play often those bugs are for now the biggest that i saw during my experience in Chernorus, i will let you know if i see anything else and if it's helpful for you to have this feedback from the community.

Have a nice day


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