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How do i play a game with enpty servers?
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Hey guys i downloaded the vigor trial and the entire servers in Australia had a total of 0 players and didnt find me a single match in thr 2 hour trial.

Last night i get told Day Z is back on the store so i ourchase it and the exact same thing?

Like how am i mean to play the game if it wont find me a single server with a person on it.

I have already applied for a Refund via Xbox but i am willing to cancel that via email(which they told me i can within the next 72 hours)

So i am super keen to play both of your games but atm i have paid 75 bucks for a dead game that literally has no offline or solo mode... Is that correct?


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Whatever xbox runs on
Steps To Reproduce

Log onto the game from Australia on DayZ and see

Additional Information

Please either tell me if its on my end and a glitch. Or please provide me with a refund if this is jsut how the game is. Because its not playabke and i couldnt get past the find a server page. As it just keeps telling me every server is empty...

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