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Day z is really bugged out
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It won't let you heal, zombies sometimes don't die when. You shoot them, get glitches into a building when your really outside and zombies can attack you,I think this game would be much better if you didn't get killed by people more than you get killed by zombies. I feel like there should be a pvp servers and pve servers


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Same here im on the xbox one and they need to fix this as well as the food digestion process sometimes fruit last a second, I thought they were trying to be realistic not turn you into a zombie i love the game but if you add to much stuff it gets tedious.

Fruit does not fill you up all the way. Eating one piece of fruit is not going to do much. You have to eat a bunch of fruit to fill you up to last a little bit. Eating a bunch of fruit will never fill you up completely. You have to eat can food and hunt. Hunting and eating meat will fill you up for a long time. Also I agree zombies lately have been glitchy. Seems like it won't let me hit zombies sometimes when they come up to you and you and then when you try to run away it will not freeze but lag a little bit before you can get away. Aslo when my knife is equipped it won't swing the knife sometimes when zombies come close to you. I am sorry but what kind of fun would this game be if you could not shoot people. This game would be boring if you couldn't shoot people. I think that is ridiculous that you would want a sever where you could not shoot anybody.