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Dumb stuff happening
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I cant pick up items, it randomly kicks my gf and I from the server, have been killed by nothing numerous times just fall over dead none around gf sees me drop an I loose field bag lar ka M4 USg an all ammo an food, it says u randomly spawn but I span up by CBE every time an have to run back across the map which is a full day of running, random server restarts, yall keep closing every server I try to play on, there's never a helicopter at any site on my server zombies get my glitched in a doorway when clearly i have 10 foot around me to walk through the door, doors glitch me into walls n get me killed from zombies outside, my girlfriend myself her 2 sons my nephew all play day z together and it's hard for us to get into servers together, can you please address some of these real issues before all of us stop playing your game from all the issues u have


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Windows 7

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Cr61 scorpion will not shoot, shows there is a clip on gun in the inventory but not actually on the gun, cant open boxes ammo for shotgun, tundra will not load unless u manually load one round at a time...server as sy 3730 is acting stupid,