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Items become stuck in all forms of storage.
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While in game on official and private servers on xbox version 1.04, I will place an item into some form of storage. As soon as the item enters the storage it will become stuck/locked in this storage. For example I will hold A on a canteen from my iventory/hands/vicinity. I will place it in a tent. Item instantly becomes stuck. Another player may or may not be able to see this canteen and also cannot interacted with it in anyway. Same with myself I cannot interacted with the canteen once it is in the tent. A server restart may cause the canteen to become free/unlocked and I am able to grab the canteen as normal. Upon grabbing the canteen after a server restart I will place the canteen back in the tent and it will become stuck/locked again. The above repeats itself for every in game item and storage.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Xbox 1
Steps To Reproduce

As mentioned above.

Additional Information

The item that becomes stuck for me will become stuck for 9/10 other players. The 1/10 players who can interact with the item may or may not see the item at all. The problem seems to be server related as the server restart will fix it for a very very short time. Unless the game restarts every 2 seconds this will almost always happen to me and every other player I have played with since 1.04 and sometime before hand. This is a console only issue as PC has not had this issue. The item that becomes stuck will also not show its description when hovered over. This bug is number 1 on my reasons for not playing DayZ. I love this game and this just destroys that enjoyment. This is the most detailed report I can give. I have spammed this same report all afternoon so you can understand the severity of it. I realize it's hard for such a small team to work on these things but you have released a product that people have and continue to pay for so you have a responsibility to uphold and this is not upholding that responsibility. If the game was not in a state for console you should not have released it.

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