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Cooking food
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I was cooking some chicken and after the fire went out i accidentally walked on the embers and i started to get damaged but it wouldnt stop. i was full health and it completely killed me after 3 hours of gathering food. on top of everything else happening from the guns, tents, inventory to trying to pick up items from dead bodies or friends please start fixing what you have before you continue to add new items to the game. its a real pain in the ass having to deal with all this. ive had my patience but i mean come on, how long is it gonna be until this game actually works? i love how the game is played and all that but the constant glitching, bugs, and also not be able to find any military guns like m4s and aks makes it that i dont really want to play. im not the only one saying this (you and i both know it) so please address your fan base about current problems and let us know that you guys are actually trying to fix it because at this point plenty of us think you guys and gals dont care about your fan base or that you dont care about whats happening in your game. thank you for taking the time to read this. i hope it wasnt for nothing. cheers.


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this just topped the cake for me.